Focus on Your Goals When Meeting for Sex

Most guys fail on free fuck sites because they are not focused. Which I can understand when you’re staring at profile pics like these lol. They have so many balls up in the air, they have so many projects and ultimately none of those projects get the attention they deserve to deliver ultimate success. If this is true regarding your job, regarding your work, regarding your business, then it’s also true regarding your success at free fuck sites. You have to focus. As the old saying goes: where your focus goes, energy flows. You have to direct your energy at the right things for you to achieve success.

Getting laid at free fuck sites requires a tremendous amount of effort because you have to message women, you have to process their messages, you have to be consistent, and ultimately, you have to meet them and send off the right signals so you can get laid. It takes a lot of effort. It requires a process and that’s why you need to focus. If you go into this process thinking that you don’t need to focus and that you’re not that serious, chances are you will fail. It really is that simple.

If You Can’t Get Her to Say Yes After Three Emails, Dump Her.

Another rule of thumb I follow is if you cannot get a chick to meet up with you after three emails, one of three things is going on. Either it’s a guy at the other end and he’s trying to scam you, or it’s somebody trying to get you to sign up for some bullshit porn site. Three, it’s a tease. A tease is a woman who joins all sorts of websites that claim to offer free fuck finders. These chicks are not free fuck finders. They just want the attention. They want to get guys all hot and bothered and excited, but they have no intention of ever touching you. Don’t waste your time on these women.