What To Watch Out for In Local Dating

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- Spam Accounts

There’s a lot of spam accounts being created on mobile apps like Tinder.

The whole point of the spam accounts is to trick guys into thinking that they’re conversing with a real woman.

Eventually, after the conversation has heated up, this “woman” would drop a link.

You click on that link to her supposed profile and — guess where you end up.

Nine times out of 10, you end up at a webcam website where there are women that strip for you if you pay them, or you go to a dating site that charges for membership.

Regardless, once you click that link there’s a likelihood that whoever sent you that link will make money.

How much money can they make?

Upwards of $200.

Considering the amount of money involved, you can bet that there are thousands upon thousands, if not millions, of spam accounts flooding mobile apps like Tinder.

Wherever there’s money, there will always be scammers looking to get their hands on that money.

That’s the bottom line.


- Scammers

Another common trick that you need to avoid when trying to meet local singles through mobile apps is one that’s engineered by scammers.

Scammers are people that try to get you to click on ads so they can make money.

These are people who try to get you to send them money.

I know this sounds really stupid, but a lot of guys actually send money to women they haven’t met.

And guess what.

They have no chance of ever meeting those local women looking for sex because those women aren’t real at all.

There are lots of guys posing as girls, doing all sorts of bait and switch, to get desperate horny guys to part with their money.

It can really get crazy out there, so you need to watch yourself.

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